Medical Backend

Medical Backend

Our Business Support Services services are tailor made to deliver measurable business impact and custom design services according to the specific processes of every client. At 100 Waves, we cater to a wide range of voice and non-voice needs of our healthcare clients. Our medical backend is well equipped to handle various processes related to healthcare billing and transcript generation. We offer dedicated non voice, medical backend services like –

Medical billing

Including revenue cycle management and payee ratio.

Denial management

Filing of claims and appeals if the claim is denied or rejected.

Data analysis & web research

Backend team to handle data analysis for coding and billing processes, medical clinical content analysis as well as comprehensive web research to update coding and billing system changes.

Benchmark reporting

With complete legal compliance and inclusion of mandatory statistics in reports generated for regulatory purpose.

Payment collections

Collection of due payment from insurers, third party facilitators and patients as per the revenue cycle of healthcare providers.

Our deep understanding of the healthcare business enables us to design, execute and consistently deliver all-inclusive medical backend services. 100 Waves also offers a 24x7 voice service platform for inbound and outbound calls related to –

Reference check by secondary and tertiary healthcare providers

Customer service calls

Grievance handling calls

Outbound calls for payment cycle

With 100 Waves medical backend services, process streamlining and administrative efficiency comes automatically to our clients. We guarantee –

Reduction in administrative cost
Pro-active inclusion of government guidelines in coding and billing process
Effortless updating and maintenance of digital healthcare records
Higher operational efficiency and reduced operational cost
Better revenue cycle management with timely claim filing and higher rate of collection from individual patients as well as third party insurance providers
Happier and satisfied customers with seamless support