Research Services

Research Services

At 100 Waves Business Support Services, we understand that performing research and analysis of the market can better prepare our customers to grow their business, develop their processes, enhance their offerings and achieve higher customer satisfaction. This is why we offer an end-to-end research solution for all kinds of market and financial research needs of our customers. Our web research is designed to capture both mass opinion and that of the experts with a multi-pronged approach.

Web research at 100 Waves

1. Online focus group research: One on one in depth interviews are conducted online with the desired target market, with both decision makers and influencers to better understand the consumer behaviour and consumer perception of our client’s brand.

2. Web based surveys: Utilizing media like emails, SMS, ecommerce portals and IVRs we gather an all comprehensive target market information for the desired research area.

We also offer research based database creation service which can enhance various aspects of both frontend and backend business. With access to more than 50 provider databases and multi-platform info generation approach, we offer –

Lead Research

Including contact information of lead with address, email and phone number

Property document research

Including SLA related nuances and legal details pertaining to mortgages, loans, deeds, title research, releases, assignments and foreclosures

General document research

Including news archives, journals, white papers, thesis, etc.

Vendor research

Including professional service providers such as doctors, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, legal consultants, academicians, logistic service providers, etc.

Event research

Including exhibitions, tradeshows, seminars, webinars, etc. attracting your target audience.

Competitor & market research

Including industrial analysis, competitor analysis, market performance of brands, etc.

In addition to web research, 100 waves research services also include financial research handled by domain experts with years of experience.

Financial research at 100 waves –

Banking research services including corporate and retail finance support, corporate credit research

Financial research services including securities, exchanges, investment services, risk modelling, derivative pricing, etc.

Equity research including economic, foreign exchange, industry specific and company specific research

Financial statement analysis