Software Integration

Software Integration

Companies today not only outsource a process but also transfer ownership of a business process or function to an end-to-end solution provider. Instead of cutting costs by outsourcing fragmented processes, business leaders are recognizing the potential of integrating vendors with own processes and cutting costs by achieving developing customized solutions which are scalable. 100 Waves Business Support Services (BSS) , therefore, offers software integration services aimed at developing complete system integration and crafting minimal cost business solutions. The benefits of opting for software integration with 100 Waves are –

No need to develop software platform from scratch

Migration and system integration

Minimal and only essential process re-engineering required

Effortless remote infrastructure management

Transformation management with integrated systems and software for efficient and real time data transfer

Cost effective decision making with offshore expertise readily available to bring down operational costs as well as capital expenses

Easy roll out of new services and effortless service substitution

Convergence of voice, data and IT services enabling easy introduction of new offerings for end customers

Aggregation of products and services across multiple software platforms for better billing and performance analysis

Dedicated domain experts working on your software integration

100 Waves software integration services enable you to create an underlying technological infrastructure which supports provision of end-to-end, order to cash services. The time required to develop and market new products or services also reduces with software integration with your vendors and strategic partners. The research and innovation cost which needs to be dedicated for new software development every single time a strategic alliance is made, becomes unnecessary with 100waves software integration solutions. We enable you to conduct your business processes without any technical hindrance or any software related handicap.