Telecom sector has grown substantially over the past decade with customer oriented innovation that has captured market interest and delivered unrivalled value. But as the sector has grown, telecom giants have started realizing the need to push the costs down, utilization of new technologies, improved customer service and better rate of pushing new concepts in the market. It is unlikely for every telecom provider to, however, internalize these capabilities. And that is what 100 waves Telecom Business Support Services (BSS) are for. We offer end-to-end telecom process solutions such as –

• Customer account set-up or origination service

• Customer on-boarding services

• Payment processing services

• Telecom back office operations

• Customer data verification services

• Pre-sales support

• Customer acquisition and lead generation

• Sales closure support

• Post-sales support

• Technical support

• Order fulfilment services

Our current telecom clients include mobile operators, fixed line operators, broadcasters, satellite operators and ISPs. The 100 Waves telecom BSS services advantage becomes clearly evident in your advanced business efficiency and process streamlining. Our Business Support Services (BSS) for telecom are –

Scalable for both regional and national level operations

Flexible and customizable according to specific business needs

Capable of reducing telecom operations cost by 35% to 50%

Well equipped with multi-lingual support for effortless customer engagement in regional markets

Guaranteed to deliver almost zero error results with Six Sigma approach of execution and delivery

The platform based services of 100 Waves not only reduce TAT of your telecom operations but with consistent process improvement and automation also reduce your total cost of business ownership. Our tailor-made and dynamic transition model utilizes the expertise of domain experts, dedicated towards strategic designing and delivery of your processes to your target customer market. Our scientifically gathered business information and analytical MIS reports will help you improve your telecom services/ products and achieve customer delight.